Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Is Svchost.exe and How to Fix Svchost.exe Error?

What Is Svchost.exe
Svchost.exe (Service Host, or SvcHost) is a system process which hosts multiple Windows services. Its executable image, %SystemRoot%\System32\Svchost.exe or %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\Svchost.exe (for 32-bit services running on 64-bit systems) runs in multiple instances, each hosting one or more services. It is essential in the implementation of so-called shared service processes, where a number of services can share a process in order to reduce resource consumption.


Why Are There So Many Svchost.exe Running
Those services, which are in control panel you might notice that there are a Lot of services required by Windows, are organized into logical groups, and then a single svchost.exe instance is created for each group. For instance, one svchost.exe instance runs the 3 services related to the firewall. Another svchost.exe instance might run all the services related to the user interface, and so on.

Why Need to Fix Svchost.exe Error
Process svchost.exe is located in the system directory: C:windows/system32. If you find that this process executes and runs from any other suspicious locations, I advice you fully scan your computer with anti-virus program. Because such fishy phenomenon could be caused by virus or trojan horse. Some of the viruses will disguise this process running on your computer to attack the system and steal important data. We classify those viruses fraudulently using the name "svchost.exe" to Miroot. Win32. Worm. Backdoor.Lastdoor. and Trojan.

How to Fix Svchost.exe Error
Way One: Clean up computer virus.
A virus can delete or damage svchost.exe file and hide itself as a normal system file. To fix this kind of problem, a professional security program is the only reliable choice. If you delete the infected file manually, you may cause system crash or blue screen of death.

Way Two: Clear up Windows registry.
The key to fix svchost.exe error lies in repairing and cleaning windows registry, which is used to record all setting and data of programs. Maybe you are not familiar with the registry, it doesn’t matter much as long as you have the powerful svchost.exe fixer program.

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