Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Stop Corefoundation DLL Error

Corefoundation.dll is a very important file utilized by Apple programs. The likes of iTunes, MobileMe & others are all designed to handle a large amount & variety of data, making it vital that your system is not only able to cope with it all. CoreFoundation.dll is the very important component for all pieces of Apple software, but is also a big cause of errors - with many computers showing CoreFoundation.dll errors whenever you use them.

The errors that CoreFoundation.dll will cause include the likes of:
  •     "Corefoundation.dll is missing"
  •     "Corefoundation.dll could not be found. Try reinstalling [application name]"
  •     "Can't find corefoundation.dll, can't start AppleSyncNotifier.exe "

If these messages suddenly show then it's important to immediately address the problem. There are several ways to solve the issue and some of these troubleshooting solutions are discussed in the following sections.

How To Fix CoreFoundation.dll Errors On Your PC

The first thing you should do to fix CoreFoundation.dll error is to reinstall the various Apple software products that you have on your PC. To do this, you must first download the latest version of the software from the Apple website and then use the installer to reinstall the files and folders that the program needs. This will replace CoreFoundation.dll with a new and uncorrupted file, allowing Windows to read it properly and not cause the error.

It's also recommended you use a "registry cleaner" on your system as well. Registry cleaners are software tools which scan through the registry database of your PC and fix any errors inside it. This database is a central storage facility for all the files & settings which Windows needs to run, and is also a central location for a list of DLL files on your computer. Each time you use a piece of software, Windows has to read the DLL files it requires from this list, allowing your computer to run smoothly... but unfortunately, the errors often show when Windows cannot read this list of DLL Files, and will actually lead your system to become damaged & corrupted. To ensure that there are no problems caused by the registry (which accounts for most DLL errors), you need to be able to use a registry cleaner tool to fix any of the problems that may be present on your system.

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