Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Fix Windows Runtime Error 75

Runtime errors, such as runtime error75, are errors that occur when a program is running. Runtime error 75 comes with the message "Path/File access error". This error is mainly seen in computers that run Windows 95. In some rare instances, the error can be noticed in other Windows systems. Software data loss, malicious software, software conflict, conflict with TSR or other programs and memory issues are some of the causes that lead to the showing of runtime 75 error.

What Causes Runtime Error 75?

The run time error mentioned above is one you will only encounter on a computer running Windows 95. To fix runtime 75 error, we recommend using one of the following methods:
  •     On the shared resource, change the access permission from read-only to full control.
  •     If Windows 95 is running in a Windows NT domain, switch to user-level access.
  •     Use Win32 API calls to access the read-only shared resource.

Apart from Windows 95, the runtime error 75 is also noticed with Excel 2000 Standard Edition. This error in Excel happens if the user tries to rename a directory. This error can be manually removed by following a few simple steps. First select “Run” from “Start” and then type “regedit”. The pop up window will show the registry from where you have to remove the registry key. After this, restart the computer and go to Control Panel and select “Central Commerce Manager Add-In” and remove it. Once it has been removed, that means that you computer is now free off Runtime Error. However, you should do remember that any wrong operation on registry would lead to computer crash.

Runtime error 75 is a bit more complex from a troubleshooting aspect but it can be resolved like many others. While the instances above are often the root of the problem, this run time error and several more are often caused by a congested registry or malware infection. To prevent such problems, it is best keep your system protected with a reliable registry cleaner and anti-virus tool. The registry cleaner will clear out the corrupt or missing entries in the registry while the anti-virus software will remove any malicious content from your system.

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  1. I was facing same runtime error code 75 on my computer system; at that time I was very stunned how to fix runtime error 75. So, in that case I was using too much tool but no any work well.