Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fix Runtime Error 429 Activex Component Can't Create Object

When using computer, you might have come across runtime error 429 activex component can't create object. It is really frustrating time when such errors occur and you may be confused of what to do. To repair this problem, it's recommended that you first ensure that there are no application errors which could be causing the problem, as well as then fixing any of the possible issues that Windows may have.


What Exactly Runtime Error 429 Is?

Runtime Error 429 is a problem that is reported to occur on many Windows systems recently, and it usually indicates there is an issue somewhere in the automation in your Microsoft Office applications. The error typically shows up when you try to automate Office application files using Visual Basic macros. The error is caused by the Windows Component Object Model (COM) being unable to create the requested automation object. You need to resolve the issues surrounding COM to be able to automate Microsoft applications successfully. 

When runtime 429 error occurs, you will the error message:
  •     Run-time error '429':
  •     ActiveX component can't create component

This error is mainly associated with Microsoft Office applications. The error occurs when the demanded Automation object is not created using the Component Object Model. This error shows that you have a distorted Microsoft Data Access Component in the computer. Corrupted Windows registry, error in the application, missing or damaged component and wrong system configuration are some of the causes that lead to runtime error 429 activex component can't create object.

To prevent runtime 429 error, make sure that the office application used by you is present on the system. Before trying out automation with it, run the application manually to see that it works properly. Also, see to it that if the registry entries of all the office uses are installed properly.

You can remove your Internet Explorer which might be the direct reason of runtime error 429. The browser may occasionally crashes if this problem happens frequently. To uninstall Internet Explorer, you can go to Control Panel, and use the Add or Remove Programs module. Then you should reinstall or change another browser to avoid this system error occurring.

Besides, always keep your windows registry clean. Runtime error 429 originate in the registry, any kind of damage of registry may lead to the problem. Actually it is a extremely easy thing to do. What you need to do is to download a reputable registry cleaning tool to repair the registry problems and maintain your computer. It is also a practice method which is highly recommended by most computer experts.

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  1. I was also face similar runtime error code 429, after that I think how to fix runtime error 429 but thanks to this informative post. It was help me lot for the easily fixing of this error from my system. Thank you very much.