Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tips on Kernel32.dll Not Found Error Fix

Do you meet Kernel32.dll error when run an application or Windows startup? Does your Kernel32.dll error message turn up from time to time? It could be annoying that an automatically shutdown of working programs come after the appearance of Kernel32.dll error message. If you are still frustrated by this problem, you'd better take a few minutes to get an understanding about it here and now.

Why do we need to fix Kernel32.dll error?

Kernel32.dll error is a complicated computer error that can result in more serious computer problems. If your PC is encountering Kernel32.dll not found error, you may need to get rid of the  below problems:

  •     Slow system performance.
  •     Program uninstall/ install/ update failure.
  •     Sluggish system performance.
  •     Blue Screen of Death errors.
  •     Computer shut down instantly.
  •     System crash.

How to troubleshoot Kernel32.dll error?

When you receive an error message saying Kernel32.dll was not found or can not find the Kernel32.dll file, there are a few simple solutions for you.

Restart your computer properly. No matter your believe it or not, sometime this method is actually works, because the reboot can give your system the opportunity to reopen the necessary files, like the DLLs required by your system and the software you are running on it. So this is also a way to fix Kernel32.dll error.

Try a system restore if necessary. A system restore is frustrating sometimes, however, in order to fix Kernel32.dll error and if you have no other solution to face this problem, you can choose to restore your system which is only need a restore CD.

Clean Windows registry. Windows registry plays a significant role in system, if your Kernel32.dll file missing, as likely as the registry has got an error. To safely and quickly fix Kernel32.dlll error, you should download an automatic registry tool for your PC.

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