Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ntdll.dll Error Information - Module Ntdl.dll Error Fix

Ntdll.dll is a file that Windows uses to control the various hardware components of your PC. This file is known as a "Native API" because of how it's used by Windows to do many different tasks, but it's also the cause of a lot of errors. Ntdll.dll is an awful computer error that can be caused by obsolete windows registry entries, damaged registry files, complicated registry errors, outdated or damaged drivers, disk errors, frightening Trojan invaders and memory problems. When you get the Ntdll.dll error, what you can do is to try your best to prevent this error from your computer as soon as possible.

Four Common Ways to Fix Ntdll.dll Error

1. Run a Malware Scan.
Malware infection is one of the common causes of Ntdll.dll error. So you should run a malware scan for your computer to check whether there is some malware or virus threats in your computer. Even if the malware is not the effect factor, you also need to run a malware scan once a week.

2. Check Hardware Driver.
Another way is to look inside your computer case, check all the cables are secure and ensure that the components of your system are in the right slots and are securely connected. Many Ntdll.dll errors are actually caused by hardware shutting itself down thanks to the cable being unplugged. You need to make sure that all your hardware is secured into your system.

3. Fix Registry Error.
Usually faulty module Ntdll.dll will lead to registry error while corrupted registry can cause the faulty dll error. The only guaranteed solution for this problem is to download a registry repair program. In fact, as long as the error is not due to virus infection and driver error, a registry repair is sure to fix Ntdll.dll problem for you.

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