Monday, March 5, 2012

Fix Ntdll.dll Error - Tips to Repair Ntdll.dll Error on Your Windows

Many computer users may meet Ntdll.dll error from time to time, and also want to fix this annoyed trouble without asking a computer expert. You may ask, how can I do that? Well, today, in this article, we would see what is Ntdll.dll error and how you can fix this error without calling a computer technician.

What is Ntdll.dll?

Ntdll.dll is an important file of Windows which shared by several programs. If the Ntdll.dll file is missing or damaged, there would be a couple of programs affected. If you constantly receive Ntdll.dll error message in windows, you can the messages like:
  •     Ntdll.dll cannot be found.
  •     The application has failed to start because Ntdll.dll was not found; reinstalling this application may fix this problem.
  •     Program File failed because Ntdll.dll was not found.

What will happen if Ntdll.dll error hapens?

Because the importance of the Ntdll.dll file, when it is missing or corrupted, there would be serials of computer errors might appear, like kinds of runtime errors, .exe error, other related .dll errors, computer freezing, or even system crashed. So when your Ntdll.dll was missing, what you can do is fix this error as soon as possible.

Common ways to fix Ntdll.dll error:

No. 1
If you got the Ntdll.dll error from time to time, you can simply uninstall the program which cause this error happened. Then do a re-installation, which may help you solve all the problem.

No 2.
Sometimes the virus infection or malware attacked will cause Ntdll.dll file missing, at this situation, What you should do is to remove virus by your security program. It is not advised to remove virus in manual way. To prevent virus from infecting Ntdll.dll file, you should make sure the firewall turns on all the time.

No 3.
Clean up windows registry to fix Ntdll.dll error. As registry plays a significant role in system, it is recommended to clean it with professional cleaner software. When use a registry cleaning software, you only need to follow the simple steps as below:

Step 1. Free download a professional cleaner software and install it.
Step 2. Launch the program and make a full scan for Windows.
Step 3. After scan finished, click "Repair" button to automatically fix Ntdll.dll error and other related computer errors.

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