Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Csrss Exe High Memory Usage

Getting a Csrss.exe error message on your computer screen while browsing a website or working on the computer? This can be quite pesky when they pop up and tell that your system is shutting down. What could you do when come up against this Csrss.exe error? Don't scream in frustration! In this page, I will tell you detailed instructions how to troubleshoot and fix Csrss.exe error.

Csrss.exe stands for the Microsoft Client/Server Runtime Server Subsystem. It is the most critical proves which handles majority of the graphical uses of Windows. This file is the counterpart of win32.sys, which is the kernel-mode portion. Although csrss.exe is a very important windows component, there have been many reports on errors regarding this file causing one hundred percent CPU usage on your PC.

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The original file for csrss.exe should be in "C:WindowsSystem32" and if not then it is a spyware, virus, worm or Trojan. This can be verified with security task manager, which provides unique security, process description, and process type among other functions. Where the user finds out that csrss.exe is a trojan and has been registered as such, prompt measures need to be taken to prevent breach of security and access from attackers. This trojan is a security risk and many prefer to have it removed from their computers since their passwords, personal data and Internet banking information can be stolen due to access gained into the computer from a remote location.

To fix csrss.exe corrupted or damaged error, the user profile should be repeated and then recreated. Nonetheless, this solution is comparatively tedious because the user may have to customize settings and other personalized information in the system. That's why it's important to back up files. To delete profile, the user must log into the system using the "administrator" account. Go to My Computer and then click on Properties. Select the Advanced Tab and then choose User Profiles. Go to Settings and then delete the necessary user profile. This should help the computer restore its normal operations.

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  1. When I start my computer and I check processes with task manager I see a csrss process running that has no information, it does not allow yoi to see any property or file location. I can remove or stop 0r kill this process.I got help from here you can try it.