Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Msvcrt Dll Error Fix Resolutions

Msvcrt.dll is a file that enables programs written in Visual C++ to run smoothly. This file can sometimes generate errors due to various reasons such as dated files, missing or corrupted file due to virus infection. It is possible the file was overwritten by an incompatible version. Errors may affect all Windows operating system and may be linked to Microsoft software applications such as MS Outlook, MS Visual Basic or C++ programs.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Fix ActxPrxy Dll Error On Your PC

ActxPrxy.dll is a core Windows file used to help load up the various "ActiveX" components that many websites use. The file is used extensively by Internet Explorer & other web browsers to help load up a variety of feature-rich pages which use the various "activeX" components. If you are seeing errors caused by ActxPrxy.dll, it suggests that your PC either has a problem with the file or with the way the file is being used on your PC. To ensure this problem is not a big issue for your PC, it's recommended you fix the various problems which can often lead it to show.