Friday, March 30, 2012

Mfc42.dll Error Fix Solution

MFC42.dll is a file used by Visual Studio C++ to control various functions & features that are present inside applications developed with this software. Even though this file is a critical component of the Visual C++ programming language, it's a big cause of errors which continually leads your computer to run slower and unreliably. Fortunately, fixing these errors is actually a lot simpler than you might imagine, in that you can replace the file and fix various Windows settings to get it working again.

The errors which this file causes includes the likes of:
  • MFC42 not found
  • mfc42 is missing
  • Unable to load application because mfc42.dll is missing. Try re-installing the application to resolve this problem

The problems caused by the Mfc42.dll file are typically related to the reliability and integrity of the file. Because this file is used by many different Microsoft applications, it's actually being used continuously opened and read by many different programs. This means that it may show different errors at different times, resulting in your computer becoming extremely damaged and unable to process the file properly.

The way to fix MFC42.dll error is to first reinstall the application that's causing the errors. If the application which needs to use MFC42.dll cannot read the file, it suggests that the file is either damaged or misplaced - meaning that if you reinstall the program, it may correct the issue automatically. Although this is a popular way to cure the error, you need to be sure you know which program is causing it to show, and then reinstall it completely.

If you find that reinstalling the various pieces of software causing the error will not fix it, then you should look to replace the file on your PC with one that you can get from the Internet. There are numerous DLL file depositories which allow you to download many fresh versions of files that are on your PC. You should log onto one of these websites and then replace the MFC42.dll file on your computer. As well as doing that, it's also recommended that you use what's known as a "Registry Cleaner" program to scan through your PC and fix the DLL errors which are inside it. The registry is a central database which stores vital settings & information for Windows, and is where your computer keeps a lot of the settings & information that it requires to run. Using a registry cleaner is highly recommended in order to prevent any further problems recurring from the MFC42.dll error, as these programs will fix any damaged / corrupt settings that are causing the error to show in the first place.

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