Monday, March 5, 2012

No Sound Computer - The Best Way to Fix No Sound From Computer

Many computer users have encountered no sound Windows XP from then on after recently upgraded operating system, reformatted your hard drive, and installed new devices or some programs. It is the signal that your computer is trying to tell you that there is a problem with the sound card. So, how does the problems occur and how can users get the sound back on their computers?

How dose computer no sound occur?
The most common reason for computer no sound error is the driver problem. Most of the times,  the required audio drivers are not installed while sometimes there is a fault in the installed drivers. The best way to find out if the required audio drivers are installed properly is to go to the device manager option in the computer and check for missing audio drivers. A question mark or exclamation sign suggests that there is a problem with that audio driver and reinstalling the driver can solve driver related sound error.

Solutions to fix computer no sound:

Solution 1. Check your BIOS setting.

BIOS setting should be the first destination if you are using an onboard sound card on your computer. Follow these steps to check your BIOS setting:
Step 1. Restart the computer and enter BIOS by pressing the F2 key.
Step 2. Open Integrated Peripherals.
Step 3. Locate the audio card (Usually named AC97 Audio)and set it to be Auto or Enable.
Step 4. Find On Board AC97 Control and set it as Auto or Enable.

Solution 2. Reinstall/Update audio card driver.

Try to reinstall the original audio device driver. There is a possibility that your audio device driver may have been corrupted missing. Since your sound driver may have been corrupted or may be missing, you can simply visit your computer manufacturer's official website and check for any updated sound driver software for your sound card.

Solution 3. Use an automatic software to fix no sound computer instantly.

The major reason that computer no sound problem usually happens is down to the fact that Audio Device get a corruption in the registry. The registry is the directory which contains  important information to run all software and hardware on your computer. In order to get your computer sound back, you need to clean your registry and fix some corrupt, damage or obsolete registry entries which caused your computer no sound. As matter of fact, what you need is a professional and effective registry repair tool to help you within three easy steps:
Step 1. Download and Install the repair tool.
Step 2. Run the program to do a deep scan.
Step 3. Click "Repair" when the scan finished, which can help you fix no sound computer successfully.

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