Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Fix Magcore.dll Is Missing From Your Computer

MagCore.dll is a file used by the "ArcSoft" suite of programs, which are mainly video & audio editing tools. Despite this file playing a vital role in the smooth operation of various pieces of ArcSoft software, it's a common problem for it to either be damaged, corrupted or unreadable - leading to numerous errors appearing on your system. To resolve this problem, you should look to fix any of the errors that can show problems on your PC, inclng repairing the file itself and any registry errors which your system may have causing the error.

When something goes wrong in the magcore.dll file, a range of problems and errors can arise. Once the file gets corrupted or damaged, the system can no longer process it. Consequently, each of the applications that are supported by the file will become unstable or simply won't work at all. Nonetheless, users don't have to worry because there are several ways to fix this issue. Take note that when the computer comes across any problem related to the magcore.dll file, the following messages will likely appear:
  • "The file magcore.dll missing"
  • "MagCore.dll cannot be found"

Causes of magcore.dll error
Mostly, magcore.dll error is caused by spyware, adware or viruses that has installed in your computer. All these malicious programs can be able to take over your system, access to system files and change them, thus they lead magcore.dll broken or missing. Also, the damage of a specific software, the replacement of the latest version of an application, and outdated or obsolete system files would also leads to magcore.dll error. When you realize these, probably you can find how to fix magcore.dll by yourself.

Initially, it's best to reinstall the program that is experiencing problems. There are instances wherein the program itself is the reason for the problem. Reinstalling the software can help overwrite faulty settings and files. To reinstall the program, it needs to be removed or uninstalled first. To uninstall, go to Start and then choose Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs and scan the list for the problematic application. Select the application and choose either "uninstall" or "remove", whichever option comes up. After un-installation, you need to restart the computer and install the program once more. Depending on the type of application, it will need to be installed using the Internet or a CD.

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