Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is dumprep.exe and how to fix dumprep.exe error

Dumprep.exe Description
Dumprep.exe forms a part of Microsoft Windows XP (and later versions), in-built fault logging software. Upon serious errors this program will write the details to a text file and request the information be sent to Microsoft. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for third party use.

Why to fix Dumprep.exe error
Usually, Dumprep.exe infects, corrupt or delete some of your files or programs without your permission. Some other Dumprep.exe error will damage the system, drops other kinds of parasites like Imagehlp.dll. Some of Dumprep.exe will steal and upload your sensitive information to make money. Extremely dangerous Dumprep.exe will crash your system. Some Dumprep.exe just wants to make a pop up box for advertisement beside your browser. In that case, you will probably neglect that Dumprep.exe for it doesn’t bring too much trouble to you.

How to fix Dumprep.exe error
To disable Dumprep.exe, run "msconfig" from a command prompt, click the Startup tab, clear the checkbox for dumprep 0 -k or dumprep 0 -u and then restart your system, according to Microsoft. When modifying system settings, always create a restore point.

Dumprep.exe error is a tiresome problem for it cannot be fixed manually. Even if you are a computer expert, you still need to fix Dumprep.exe error with third- party software. The most efficient way that can totally and easily fix Dumprep.exe error is to make a thorough scan for your computer with an ultra powerful Dumprep.exe error repair tool. The ultra powerful repair tool is created by a group of highly praised computer professionals to offer you useful solutions to completely get rid of various types of computer problems. It provides computer users’ with comprehensive toolkits to fix .exe errors, .dll errors, runtime errors, computer no sound errors and access denied errors, to make sure your PC is running stably.

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