Thursday, April 12, 2012

Windows Running Slow With High CPU Usage Fix

Many people have with windows is that the CPU or processor starts to run at 50% or higher, even when their computers are idle not doing anything. Excessive CPU usage causes all kinds of problems, the main one being a dramatic slowdown of the running speed of your machine. You will find all the programs very slow to open, sometimes hanging altogether. It can become very frustrating.

What is CPU Usage

CPU Usage ( or CPU time, processing time) is the amount of time for which a central processing unit (CPU) was used for processing instructions of a computer program, as opposed to, for example, waiting for input/output operations.

How Do You Know If Your PC Suffers From High CPU Usage Problem

To check for this close whatever you are doing and start task manager. To do this right click on the task bar at the bottom of your screen and then select task manager. From the Windows that appears click on the performance tab and look at the CPU usage. If it constantly rises above 50% even when you are not doing anything your computer is suffering from high CPU usage problem.

There are many normal Windows processes which can demand quite a lot of the CPU so it is not uncommon to see CPU temperature rising and falling even when you're not using the computer. The Windows task manager is the place to investigate your running processes. If you are suspicious of a process then simply Google it.

This problem is not caused by any one thing and it is usually a combination of factors causing this problem and you need to take several steps to fix this for good.

# 1. Probably, to fix such issues, you can use tools like autoruns or hijackthis and run antivirus or antispyware checks from safe mode. This may help you to fix the high CPU usage problem. Alternatively, you can try this method too. First, go to run, then type in MSCONFIG and then go to startup. Now, watch carefully to mark out any suspicious software on your computer. If you are able to find out, disable it and reboot. This method may help you to fix your 100% CPU usage.

# 2. Once you have done this if you find your Windows vista computer is still running slow make sure it has the latest updates. Once again you can do this from the windows update on the task bar. There were several problems related to search and indexing of files that were resolved with updates which helped to fix high CPU usage problem. Once you have done this check the performance of your computer again in task manager.

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