Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resolve the Wininet DLL Error Completely

Wininet.dll is a file used by Windows to help a lot of its software tools to connect to the Internet. Although this file is used extensively with the likes of Internet Explorer & other Internet programs, it's continually causing a huge number of problems for your computer - leading to many wininet.dll errors to show. To ensure that there are no Wininet.dll errors on your system, you need to be able to fix the errors which are causing it to show - which can either be done by replacing the file on your PC, or by using a registry cleaner tool to fix the errors on Windows. Here is how and what to do to fix "Wininet.dll Not Found" error.

These are the errors which Wininet.dll normally causes:
    Error Message 1
    When you type a URL in the Address box in Internet Explorer, you may encounter the following wininet.dll error: "IEXPLORE caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Wininet.dll"
    Error Message 2
    When you type anything in the Run dialog box, you may encounter the following wininet.dll error: "EXPLORER caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Wininet.dll"

What are the causes behind Wininet.dll error?
Strangely the causes behind this Wininet.dll error is very simple and can easily be rectified. Actually when the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other leading browsers try to use their "AutoComplete" feature it corrupts the historical data inside the browser which cause the system to throw an error message as mentioned above.

To fix this error, you should first correct the Internet Explorer "AutoComplete" feature. This is the main cause of this error and to do this, you should first load up Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" tab at the top of the Window and then to the "Internet Options" option. On the Window that loads up, click on the "Advanced" tab and clear the check boxes before the Use in line AutoComplete for Web addresses and Use in line AutoComplete for Windows Explorer options. After that, restart your PC.

The second step to fixing Wininet.dll error is to clean out all the errors that the "registry" may have on your PC. The registry is a central database which all Windows computers store the settings and options they need to run, and is continually being used to help your computer load the likes of your desktop wallpaper and even your most recent emails. The registry has been a big cause of DLL errors for Windows PCs because of the way it stores a large list of DLL files on your system. This list stores all the settings your computer requires to run, and is how the likes of your software tools and other parts of your computer are able to read all the DLL files they require. Unfortunately, the registry is continually becoming damaged & corrupted - leading your computer to run much slower and with a lot of errors. The Wininet error is often caused by registry problems, meaning that if you want to fix the problem on your system, it's recommended you download a registry cleaner tool to do it.

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