Monday, April 16, 2012

What is Wmiprvse and How to Fix Wmiprvse Exe Error

What is Wmiprvse.exe?
Wmiprvse.exe is a component used by Windows that handles the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) application, a feature in your operating system that reads all the important settings that Windows requires to operate properly. Software developers call on this file to be able to create event monitoring programs that notify users when significant actions have occurred. This file plays a vital role in the overall performance of your computer, but it is continually experiencing problems, most commonly making your CPU usage take up 100% of available resources. If you are experiencing problems with this file, you should make sure that your operating system is working properly, and you will need to remove any error related to it that is found in your system.

Wmiprvse application is usually located in "systems32" folder of your Windows OS. The path and filename is C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem. If you observe that application is running from a another origin or what I means is the outside of the systems32 folder. There will then be a huge tendencies that it's a Virus or a Trojan.

Reason Behind Emergence of Wmiprvse.exe Error

  •     Deletion of this file is responsible for emergence of this error.
  •     You may also experience this type of error when this file is damaged.
  •     Another reason behind receiving this error is damage in registry files of the system.
  •     You may also face this type of problem due to using obsolete drivers.
  •     If your system is attacked by the virus then this type error message will be reported.

To avoid further damage in the system and stay away from problems associated to this file you need to fix wmpirvse.exe error. In order to solve all the problems associated to corruption in this file and fix wmpirvse.exe error you need to perform recovery by making use of manual process. Fixing all the corruption issues related to Wmiprvse.exe file manually is very time consuming moreover risky. In case you don't have complete technical knowledge then you should avoid this process. As in case incorrect settings are made in the registry files then it may lead to complete system crash.

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