Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Resolve Error Wininet DLL Not Found From PC

Wininet.dll error is a common and annoying error that typically shows on Windows 98, XP & Vista computers. It is associated with the Internet Explorer program and can cause your PC to restart or deny you access to many critical features. In this article, let's discuss what exactly Wininet.dll and how to resolve this error with easy.

What is Wininet.dll?

Wininet.dll is a file used by Windows to help control a wide number of "Internet Protocol" options that various software programs use to connect to the Internet. Although this file is used extensively with the likes of Internet Explorer & other Internet programs, it's continually causing a huge number of problems for your computer - leading to many wininet.dll errors to show. If you are seeing errors caused by this file, the chances are that it's either damaged, corrupted or missing from your PC.


What are the causes behind Wininet.dll error?

Strangely the causes behind this Wininet.dll error is very simple and can easily be rectified. Actually when the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and other leading browsers try to use their "AutoComplete" feature it corrupts the historical data inside the browser which cause the system to throw an error message.

The above cited causes are responsible for the occurrence of several Wininet.dll errors. The occurrence of such error leads to severe adverse problems like:
  •     Slows down the computer performance
  •     Occurrence of startup and shutdown problems
  •     Freezing issues
  •     Lockups problem in the system
  •     Occurrence of installation related errors
  •     Can also damage other applications

How to resolve Wininet.dll errors?

The first step to fixing Wininet errors is to first fix the Internet Explorer settings which are currently corrupting the Wininet.dll file on your PC. You need to click onto Internet Explorer and then to Tools > Internet Options and then disable the "AutoComplete" feature. This will stop your system from using the feature that's causing the Wininet.dll error in the first place, which should theoretically fix the error for you. On top of that, it's also recommended you replace the Wininet.dll file on your PC with one from the Internet, which will basically allow your system to correctly read the file again.

It's highly recommended that you also run a "Registry Cleaner" program on your system to ensure that there are no problems with the registry settings of your PC. A registry cleaner is a software tool which has been designed to scan through Windows and repair any of the problems that are inside the registry database. This database is one of the most important parts of the entire Windows system, as it's where all Windows computers will keep everything from their desktop wallpaper to their most recent emails. Even though the registry is highly important, it's continually being damaged, leading your system to run much slower & with errors. To fix Wininet.exe error, you should use a registry cleaner program to repair any of the problems that this part of your PC may have.

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