Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To Fix ActxPrxy Dll Error On Your PC

ActxPrxy.dll is a core Windows file used to help load up the various "ActiveX" components that many websites use. The file is used extensively by Internet Explorer & other web browsers to help load up a variety of feature-rich pages which use the various "activeX" components. If you are seeing errors caused by ActxPrxy.dll, it suggests that your PC either has a problem with the file or with the way the file is being used on your PC. To ensure this problem is not a big issue for your PC, it's recommended you fix the various problems which can often lead it to show.

The error you're seeing will typically show in this format:

  •         "actxprxy.dll Not Found"
  •         "This application failed to start because actxprxy.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
  •         "Cannot find actxprxy.dll"

All these errors arise as a result of being unable to use the actxprxy.dll file because it is corrupt or missing. Internet Explorer is especially prone to corrupting this file, so if you do use IE a lot, this is the likely reason why it’s damaged & showing an error.

This file is used whenever your PC wants to use an ActiveX control, which is nearly all the time on your system. If you are seeing errors which state that ActxPrxy.dll is the cause of the problem, it’s recommended that you first update Windows, then replace the file on your PC, and finally clean out any registy errors which may be contributing to the errors.

How to fix ActxPrxy.dll error on your PC?

The first step to fixing the error you're seeing is to update Windows. This will basically allow the fixes and repairs which Microsoft has introduced for the Windows system to be automatically applied to your PC. Not only will this fix many of the common causes of errors, but will also fix any known problems with actxprxy.dll. You should update Windows by clicking onto the "Windows Update" program on your "Start" menu, or by browsing to the Microsoft Updates download website. After doing that, it's also advisable that you download a fresh copy of the actxprxy.dll file and replace it on your system.

Install an efficient and powerful antivirus program which will scan the entire PC for the viruses and other malware's which can spread infection in the computer and make it function improperly. Once the scanning is done the antivirus program will eliminate all the viruses and malware's and will help user to resolve any issue related to the infection from viruses.

On top of that, it's also recommended you use a registry cleaner program to fix any registry errors your PC may have that are causing the error message you're seeing. Registry errors are a common problem for Windows computers because of the way your PC is continually using the settings it has to help your computer run smoother. Many of the common Windows errors that people have can be caused by some sort of registry problem, making it essential you fix the various registry issues you have on your PC with the help of a registry cleaner tool.

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